Spend a wonderful time together with your children

In Anapa!
Here you will find all this!
The main glory of Anapa, a federal child health resort, 40 km bring. treatment of quartz sand beaches. And heals, just sunbathing and playing in the warm golden sand, accept even the most capricious child.
Sandbanks dense and flat bottom – ideal for bathing the youngest kids.
Beaches Dzhemete – one of the best Black Sea beaches, with a wide flat thick quartz strip of golden sand, picturesque dunes, ecologically clean ionized air. No wonder the rest of the area of Anapa considered the most prestigious and high-grade, and attracts many tourists.

Mini-Hotel “Seahorse” is located on Pioneer Avenue (2nd row to the sea), at some distance from crowded places (markets, malls populated ip points), and from the road that will provide you with the highest quality and relaxing stay, usability beach. Prior to the places of mass recreation and entertainment (Anapa, Dzhemete center), if you will not be enough in the place can be reached by public transport or (taxis at intervals of 5 min.) Or on foot (up Dzhemete).
European style and service. Possibility of catering in a large modern dining room of the neighboring hotel, or in the nearby cafe. For those who – organized treatment in the sanatorium “Black Sea Dawn” (located in the immediate vicinity of the pension). There is a parking area.
The beach -. 10 minutes walk (150 meters)
This is a two buildings of modern buildings standing parallel to each other.
All rooms all Amenities, fan, refrigerator, TV, furniture.
It offers landscaped courtyard with greenery, outdoor cafe under a canopy, barbecue.

In the Dzhemete, 100 meters away, is a market, surrounded by bars, cafes and restaurants, where you will be offered refreshments, fruit, snacks and the famous home-made wine Anapa. Complex food you can buy at almost any cafe.
Nearby are places of public recreation and entertainment for both children and adults (including guest amusement park for children).
Resting in Anapa, you can make excursions:

excursions to the Dolphinarium;

to historical and memorable places of Anapa;

in the archaeological museum “Gorgippia”;

at the winery of sparkling wines “Abrau-Durso” with wine tasting;
boat trips on yachts and ships;

the Sea of ​​Azov with bathing in volcanic mud springs.

If you wish you can visit the night bars, discos, night clubs, casinos, located directly in Dzhemete or in Anapa, as well as pop concerts and Anapa Water Park with unique slides and pools!
Taxi takes place in three steps away. Convenient transport scheme allows quick access from the hotel to the center of town by taxi number 4, №8, №14.
You can also take a taxi (in the past 2005, the cost of travel by taxi to the center 100 -170 rubles. Depending on the time of day (for the car)).
– 2-bed studio apartment (16 square meters) with two beds, a sofa bed, wardrobe, TV, fan, refrigerator, bathroom with bath, balcony..
– 3-bed studio apartment (. 20 square meters): 3 beds, wardrobe, TV, refrigerator, fan, bathroom in the room, balcony.
– 2-room 4-bed room: double bed, sofa, chair, wardrobe, TV, fan, refrigerator, bathroom with shower or bath.
Price list for 2006 HERE .

Studio in Anapa : Anapa film studio

New projects in Anapa
In the media, there were the sensational allegations of building a film studio in Anapa.

Newspaper “Anapa Black Sea” on September 28.

Rukovoditelel studio “Anapafilm” Maksim Shishkin, said: – The project to build a large, modern studio in Anapa economic forum in Sochi. Prepared to sign an agreement. The issue with investors. Today, the studio of the country are experiencing greater demand for marine and landscape shooting. During the Soviet era films pas background picturesque seascapes were filmed at the studios in Yalta and Odessa, which today have become foreign to Russia. For domestic “dream factory” in the south, where other movie studios will be able to solve their creative problems. There is no doubt that the interest in shooting in Anapa manifest and foreign filmmakers, because in the world today there are only three solid studio sea. Project Anapa “Hollywood” is striking in its scope. On 70 hectares is planned to build 17 kinopavilonov, a film set in the sea takes 10 hectares. In addition, it will be built a whole complex of hotels, cottages, amusement park. The price of the project is also very impressive – 90 million dollars.. However, investors are hoping to recoup their costs over five years.

Health and relax on the Black Sea coast

We invite you to improve your health and relax on the Black Sea coast of Russia, in the friendly resort of the Krasnodar Krai – Anapa solar
Many glorious pages of history has Anapa. “The air is clean as a prayer of the child,” wrote Lermontov about the Caucasus. The full all lines of the Caucasus can be applied to Anapa.
What Anapa – resort town, everyone knows. How amazing combination of sea, sun and love is most clearly understand! Interesting tour, wonderful landscapes, excellent wines, exquisite sunsets – this is not all that is worth to spend your vacation here. The unique combination of medical resources, a variety of natural landscapes and the best sea beaches and monuments of history and nature, developed network of first-class medical and health facilities and convenient transport links enabled the President of the Russian Federation to give Anapa status of a Federal holiday in the region, which is the property of the whole of Russia.
The famous sandy Anapa beach – the best on the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus. His sorokakilometrovaya golden arc forms a comfortable and beautiful bay, with unique sand dunes, covered with tamarisk.
Spend a great time together with your children!
Here you will find this all:
Anapa is located at the junction of the Greater Caucasus and the Taman peninsula, which allows you to combine both mountain, steppe and maritime climate. According to statistics, in the resort 284 sunny days a year, and the average water temperature in summer is 22-24 degrees. . Even if you do not take a special treat, one staying at the resort with unique climate healthier you and your baby
is one of the riches of Anapa – a The accumulated years of health resort medical base: silt sulphide mud, iodine-bromine and bubble baths, herbal inhalation , massage, modern laser and magnetic therapy, artificial salt mines and pools with mineral water are ideal for the prevention and treatment of many diseases.
this year, the city renovated Pump-room with 8 kinds of medicinal mineral waters of Anapa and its suburbs.

The main glory of Anapa as child federal health resort, 40 km bring. treatment of quartz sand beaches. And heals, just sunbathing and playing in the warm golden sand accept even the most capricious child.
Sandbanks dense and flat bottom – ideal for bathing the youngest children.

Comfortable guesthouse family holiday is situated in a beautiful location Federal resort of Anapa – a resort village Dzhemete, on the main street – Pioneer Avenue (2nd line from the sea).
Relax in our pension – Wellness. Rehabilitation help in the first place, the unique natural factors of the resort. It’s clean sea air and the warm sea. The absence of allergens in the air, causing many diseases, a positive impact on your health without special treatment for many just enough to stay at our resort, relax and have fun, breathe the sea air. This – “climatotherapy”.
The air is saturated with salts freshness fills the lungs, filling iodine deficiency and calming the nervous system.
However, if necessary, you can use the medical services of the best sanatorium institutions of Russia. Great mood and promotes psychological conditions, which creates a qualified staff pension. ( At the beginning of the holiday season in 2006 is expected commissioning ekuspluatatsiyu own medical base – obshcheozdorovitel’noy orientation ).
Convenient transport scheme allows easy access from the pension to the center of town by taxi number 4, №8, №14. For guests arriving on holiday on their own transport to the pension provided for parking.

Not far from the boarding house are mini markets, market places, shops, cafes, restaurants, snack bars, attractions, agencies, travel agencies, pay phones. Also, located near and resorts with diagnostic and medical bases. At 150 meters from the hotel there is a sandy beach ( photo ) , which set aside a special place for holidaymakers pension. The beach area is equipped with sun loungers, awnings, rescue service.
Our guest house is considered to be an attractive destination for family holidays. Pension Territory ( photo or slideshow ) is buried in greenery and flowering bright colors. Comfortable resting place at the fountains, a swimming pool with floating fish, decorative waterfall and the original bridge – all this will delight you and your children will quickly forget about the bustle and noise of the metropolis ( see photo album. Or slideshow ). His leisure time can be spent relaxing in the fresh holiday in the shade of the gazebo or actively playing table tennis, billiards, volleyball, children’s playground, gym, mini football field. The guesthouse has an outdoor concert venue. It hosts a disco, evening entertainment, performances of professional concert bands, circus and theatrical performances. In the pension security service, which will take care of your safety. For the safety of your valuables are available cell in the storage room for a fee. For conferences, presentations and business meetings in the administrative building has a conference hall for 80 seats. In the pension there is a large, cozy dining room. The two spacious rooms at the same time can eat up to 400 people. Organized 3 meals a day, balanced in protein, fats and carbohydrates. Friendly and welcoming staff and the quality of food you will be pleasantly surprised. A cozy cafe with its own home cooking works on the customized menu. In the pension there miniakvapark (photo) for 50 people (heated swimming pool). On the territory of the children’s part of the basin is a fountain “Mushroom” , dolphin, rabbit and a slide in the form of a snake. Pool area for adults occupied two large slides and sun loungers. Also without leaving the pool you can get refreshing soft drinks, ice cream and various sweets. If you need a cultural program, at your service excursions: – excursions to the Dolphinarium; – the historical and memorable places of Anapa; – in the archaeological museum “Gorgippia”; – in the winery of sparkling wines “Abrau-Durso” with wine tasting; – boat trips on yachts and ships; -. scuba diving If you wish you can visit the night bars, discos, night clubs, casinos, located directly in Dzhemete or in Anapa, and ! as pop concerts and Waterpark All this is conducive to a good mood and pleasant stay. At your service – comfortable 2, 3 and 4-bed rooms are equipped with refrigerators, TVs, air conditioning. In total, the pension of six 3-storey buildings and two 2-storey house and two one-story with private facilities in each room. Rooms of the hotel. The tastefully selected colors of the interior will provide maximum enjoyment from the rest. All rooms linoleum.