Studio in Anapa : Anapa film studio

New projects in Anapa
In the media, there were the sensational allegations of building a film studio in Anapa.

Newspaper “Anapa Black Sea” on September 28.

Rukovoditelel studio “Anapafilm” Maksim Shishkin, said: – The project to build a large, modern studio in Anapa economic forum in Sochi. Prepared to sign an agreement. The issue with investors. Today, the studio of the country are experiencing greater demand for marine and landscape shooting. During the Soviet era films pas background picturesque seascapes were filmed at the studios in Yalta and Odessa, which today have become foreign to Russia. For domestic “dream factory” in the south, where other movie studios will be able to solve their creative problems. There is no doubt that the interest in shooting in Anapa manifest and foreign filmmakers, because in the world today there are only three solid studio sea. Project Anapa “Hollywood” is striking in its scope. On 70 hectares is planned to build 17 kinopavilonov, a film set in the sea takes 10 hectares. In addition, it will be built a whole complex of hotels, cottages, amusement park. The price of the project is also very impressive – 90 million dollars.. However, investors are hoping to recoup their costs over five years.

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